Here at Care Visions, we're all about our values. You might have seen them our website, but if not you can view them HERE. Compassion, Respect, Integrity and Safety are always at the forefront of everything that we do as an organisation. They're also part of the way that we ensure the best outcomes for the young people in our care.

It's no surprise then that we're constantly looking for ways to promote our values and speak to our staff and carers about what they perceive to be the best practice in their day to day lives. After the success of our past roadshows, we decided it was time to hit the road again. And so, the #CVRoadshows 2019 began!

Four locations were decided - Stirling, Dundee, Lockerbie and Paisley, to allow our staff and carers from all over the country to attend. It was the perfect opportunity to share recent developments, policy changes and suggestions with those attending and to get their feedback too.

There were so many amazing achievements this year to share. Our incredible young people achieved 54 qualifications in the 18/19 exam year, along with our staff who were awarded 25 qualifications ranging from HNC to Masters Degrees.

Personal and professional growth has always been a massive priority, which is why over 1700 training courses were attended by our staff last year. From Child Protection to Medication training, our staff and carers are constantly ensuring their knowledge is up to date. As with everything, we strive to put our young people's needs first and this works hand in hand with carer and staff development.

The roadshows are also a chance for our staff and carers to meet our new Managing Director John Cooper, joined by Head of Service Delivery Moira Greentree and Chief Operations Officer Sharon Boniface. Cathy Jamieson passed the baton (or Carey Dog in this case) over to John at the start of August and he's had a great time at the roadshows so far. Cathy Jamieson has now settled into her new role as Executive Chair of Children's Services. Very exciting!

"Well, so far the Roadshow has been on tour through Stirling, Dundee and Lockerbie with Paisley to follow later this month. Personally, I have really enjoyed them. It has been a chance to celebrate success and look ahead to build on our successes as well as how we can address areas for development. The attendance has been better than previous years and this has led to some excellent, honest discussion with input from foster carers, residential, support services and managers.

The purpose for these days is to ensure we share information and ideas across the company but also to spend time together with colleagues and peers that you may not often get to see or hear from. So far it’s clear that this is something that everyone in Care Visions values and I will be looking at how we can develop this further in the future. Thank you to those who have attended and contributed to this point and I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing from more of you in Paisley on the 22nd of October. " - John Cooper, Managing Director

Even though we still have two more roadshows to go, we've already heard some brilliant ideas which we'll be taking on board. We're a strong believer in the fact that those who care for our young people should be the ones to help us to achieve their goals. A small idea can be a catalyst for something much bigger!

Now that Stirling and Dundee have been covered, it'll soon be time to head to Lockerbie and Paisley! We'll keep you updated with the latest from the roadshows, using the hashtag #CVRoadshows.